Homeopathic remedies are natural, gentle and effective. In my 20+ years as a nurse treating patients with various degrees of illness and injury, I have found that natural healing through homeopathy has the ability to provide long term positive shifts in a person’s well-being , not just a ‘Band-Aid’ solution to address symptoms. Throughout my varied nursing career I have worked in multiple acute care hospitals within the city and abroad. Since 2007 I have been teaching with the Faculty of Nursing at UBC and have continued to build my knowledge base in the areas of orthopaedic, trauma, cardiology, respiratory and family medicine, and paediatrics, with extensive experience in adolescent care. I have been treating both chronic and acute cases since my graduation from the Vancouver Homeopathic Academy in 2009 with a focus on treating families – children and parents alike. I attended post-graduate studies in paediatric homeopathy with Dr. Sunil Anand The highlight of my nursing career has been watching the way my knowledge of homeopathy supports the growth and evolution of those under my care. I feel particularly blessed to have experienced the benefits of homeopathy for myself and my own family, but also to have had the opportunity to improve the health of my client’s families with these amazing tools. I was raised and educated in Vancouver where I am currently raising my two teenage children with the help of my very supportive husband. I also volunteer with Side by Side homeopathy, an organization which provides free homeopathic care to women in the downtown eastside (