Children function within a family unit. Homeopathy is extremely effective in treating children’s health issues because it considers the whole child and the whole family in identifying and addressing the root cause of health challenges.

As a mother myself, I have seen firsthand how effective homeopathy is in treating families – children and parents alike. Professionally, I have attended post-graduate studies in peadiatric homeopathy with Dr. Sunil Anand to further my training in both treating and preventing children’s health issues.

Homeopathy successfully and cost-effectively treats the following children’s health issues:
  • stress and anxiety (due to school or sports performance, divorce, peers, or family dynamics)
  • sport’s injuries
  • depression and other emotional or psychological issues
  • allergies and asthma
  • insomnia and other sleep issues (such as night terrors)
  • skin issues such as eczema
  • Chronic, persistent and/or recurrent health issues that have been unresponsive to traditional medical treatment.
Once some of their homeopathy is proven to be highly effective health optimization and proactive illness prevention including:
  • boosting the immune system
  • optimizing digestion
  • improving quality of sleep
  • increasing nutritional balance
  • improving energy, clarity and focus
  • building foundations for physical strength and fitness