One morning this summer, my husband commented on how our 18 year son was so excited about his new glasses. As these new glasses looked the same as the old ones he’s had for 2 years, I didn’t quite understand the excitement. He explained that it was the prescription that he was excited about. As he can now see the individual leaves on the trees and the individual blades of grass. His ability to see the world with more clear detail was what made him smile.

How many of us have said that we don’t need help? There is nothing wrong with us? Often we don’t realize how out of focus or out of balance we are, until we feel better, more balanced more focused.


This was true for me. When I first started my studies in homeopathy I was excited and completely absorbed in this complete system of medicine. I was in awe of how it could heal. I was using it to treat minor ailments with my kids, and myself. Then, thanks to a teacher, who said ‘everyone needs a homeopath’, I decided to go see one for constitutional treatment. I didn’t realize how crummy I was feeling, until I was feeling so much better after the first remedy she gave me. After the first week, I wasn’t waking up feeling tired. Isn’t a good night’s sleep supposed to make you feel refreshed? I was waking up exhausted and sluggish, and I thought this was normal. I know I had two young toddlers at the time, but no one should be feeling that way. I was more centered, more balanced. My hormonal issues went into balance, my moods were better and my health has steadily improved over the last 10 years. I owe this to homeopathy.


The bottom line: Homeopathy has the power to give you a whole new perspective on life. Even if you feel fine, it offers a cost-effective way to move you from feeling fine to feeling fantastic. You have nothing to lose but your own status quo.

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