My visit with Tina at her Homeopathic clinic in May 2013 was a relaxing and informative experience.  Before visiting Tina I was not clear exactly what a Homeopath could do for myself and the health of my friends and family.  After my experience I would be happy to refer anything from a small cut to a chronic ache based on many of the stories of previous clients Tina shared with me. She shared with me some of her experience with fertility issues, kidney issues, wisdom teeth pain, even decreasing cravings! Tina’s office was warm and welcoming and she even served my favourite flavour of tea!  It was clear to me that Tina is very well suited for her role as Homeopath with a nursing background because she was able to combine both her backgrounds to work with the medical complexities of my health!

What I found most interesting was how Tina seemed to intuitively know what was going on in my mind.  Just as I was thinking of mentioning something further she would pose the question ‘anything else?’.  I took that as a sign that Tina was very much in tune and present with me while I was in her office and appreciated how she kept the conversation open and non judgemental.

I left Tina’s office feeling as though I had a weight lifted off my shoulders- I had confessed all my medical sins!  I would recommend anyone looking for an alternative health modality to experience a consultation with Tina.  The best part is, I haven’t even received my remedy for treatment yet, and I am still very impressed!