“In 2006 I was involved in a motor vehicle accident which injured my neck leaving me with numbness in the face, severe migraines and almost constant pressure behind my right eye . My doctor prescribed muscle relaxants and painkillers as treatment which I followed for 2 full years, along with another 2 years of physio once a week. The migraines kept coming back and the pressure behind my eye was almost always there. I thought it was just something I would have to live with. I talked to Tina about these issues after 4 years of dealing with them. Tina prescribed a remedy for me and I took 2 of the doses. Since then, I don’t have the pressure behind my eye and I haven’t had a migraine since. It’s odd to think that 2 doses of anything would eliminate my pain but it did. I would recommend Tina to anyone I know because not only is she a great Homeopath but because she is dedicated and passionate about what she does.”