With 20+ years as a nurse treating patients with various degrees of illness and injury, I have deep understanding of and appreciation for traditional medicine. These same years of experience have also provided me with a deep understanding of the limitations of traditional medical treatment.
Homeopathy facilitates the body’s capacity for natural healing. It provides long-term positive shifts in a persons well being, not just a ‘Band-Aid’ solution for immediate issues.

I have been treating both chronic and acute cases since my graduation from the Vancouver Homeopathic Academy in 2009 and have found that both models can work together in harmony to speed healing in the following areas:
  • physical trauma (car accidents, head injuries, sports injuries, etc.)
  • chronic illness (such as lupus, thyroid issues, irritable bowel syndrome, and many others)
  • cancer treatment support
  • pre and post surgery support
  • palliative care
  • disease management